Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture Process 

Reclaiming 100-200 year old barnwood and turning it into unique custom furniture for our customers requires great care and the following of a specific process to ensure the wood we rescue keeps its character.

Following is a general guide to how we accomplish this; and browse our photo gallery to see the various steps we take when working with the wood:

  • Take down barn structure and disassemble beams/lumber/metal to be transported from barn site
  • Sort, stack & remove nails from beams/lumber so they can be re-sawn to appropriate thickness
  • Re-saw beams/lumber to appropriate thickness
  • Kiln dry lumber to appropriate moisture content
  • Remove lumber from kiln to sort & stack accordingly
  • Plain lumber to appropriate thickness
  • Table saw lumber to appropriate widths
  • Miter saw lumber to appropriate lengths
  • Finish sand lumber
  • Assemble face frame, shelving, side panels & top
  • Finalize drawers, doors, backing
  • Finish furniture
  • Package/ship furniture

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